Are you open all year round?

Our service runs from March to October. On the occasions when it's too windy to transport you (winds in excess of 25mph is a general guide) we will contact you and offer an alternative time or a full refund. Rain is not so much of a problem for us, we're prepared and carry raincovers to keep you dry - we will however refund your fare if you prefer not to travel in the rain.

What time do you open?

Our usual opening hours are from 10am til 6pm. However, if you wish to make a booking for earlier or later than that call us, we will probably be able to do it!

Where do you operate?

Our route for tours and short journeys extends along the seafront in Hastings and St Leonards - from Rock-a-Nore. We can travel anywhere in the South East for weddings.

Can I hail a rickshaw ride?

No. Licensing legislation means that all our tours must be pre-booked. Our riders can however assist you to call in a booking.

Is it safe?

Our bikes are brand new in 2015, carefully maintained and fully insured. Our riders are DBS and health checked, they also hold level 3 Bikeabilitly certificates. We have seatbets on board. If you are carrying an infant in arms please ask for an additional lapbelt.

What age defines a child?

Children are those aged 12 years and under. All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Why can't we travel the whole distance in the cycle lane?

There are differinig rules about what can be done on different stretches of land along Hastings seafront. The land between the Pier and Rock-a-Nore is protected by The Foreshore Trust. We are not allowed to pursue commercial activity in this area. If you would prefer your trip to remain on the cycle path we can adjust the tour to accommodate this - we can travel as far as Albert Road on the cycle path - please call us if you prefer to take this option.

Do you offer discounts for local people?

Yes! Hastings card holders may claim a £1 per person discount on tours.

Any further questions or suggestions?

We like to hear from you. Please either call us on 01424 559 533 or email us at

Map of Rickhaws in Hastings